ACCIONA Headquartes in Alcobendas (Madrid, Spain) hosted last May 21st the final event of the INTEGROIL project, where the advances and technological achievements of the project were presented to the audience.

The event was conceived in two sections. The first one was dedicated to provide attendees with a general overview of the project as well as to present all the individual technologies. This section ended presenting the 3D project video that easily explains how all technologies are assembled as part of the integrated solution.

The second section was focused on the INTEGROIL integrated solution. The technical outcomes of the project and its contribution to sustainability objectives were presented. Afterwards, a round table was held with experts from oil-related industries (oil extraction, crude refining and petrochemicals) that briefly introduced the water challenges such industries face up nowadays, how they are solved and if the integrated solution could be an alternative for them.

With this dynamic event, the INTEGROIL consortium ends thirty-six months of project development with very satisfactory results, making possible to obtain fit-per-purpose water for reuse as cooling water, boiling water or firefighting, among other reuse applications.